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Cobham SATCOM’s comprehensive range of advanced AVIATOR satcom systems provide quality voice and data communications for cockpit and cabin on a broad range of aircraft. 

  Dosya adı Description
 AVIATOR 200 Product Sheet.pdf

AVIATOR 200 SwiftBroadband Solution

Using the industry's smallest and lightest SwiftBroadband approved antenna, AVIATOR 200 is suitable for the widest range of aircraft possible

 AVIATOR 300 Product Sheet.pdf

AVIATOR 300 SwiftBroadband Solution

AVIATOR 300 with Intermediate Gain Antenna (IGA) offers a compact and lightweight SwiftBroadband solution, suitable for a multitude of aircraft within business, military and government sectors. 

 AVIATOR 350 Product Sheet.pdf

AVIATOR 350 SwiftBroadband Solution

Cutting-edge AVIATOR 350 offers exceptional performance within a light and compact package, for an extensive range of communications applications

 AVIATOR 700D Product Sheet.pdf

AVIATOR 700D Communication Solution

AVIATOR 700D is a feature rich SwiftBroadband and Classic Aero Service solution that can be tailored to suit any airframe, mission profile and budget, making it the ultimate communications solution for the cabin and the cockpit.