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KH Charts as the world’s largest distributor of nautical charts, navigational data and marine technical publications and is the market leader in service and solution delivery for all your marine navigation, safety at sea and compliance requirements.

Work faster, smarter and for less cost. Our market leading services are designed to support daily, frequent and infrequent users of navigational data.


  • Outfit Management Service (OMS)
  • ChartCo
  • Initial Supply
  • Loose Leaf Service
  • Medical Supplies
  • Chart Maintenance

KH Charts was the first to commercialise the production of tracings in early 1971 and offer as tracings. Since then, KH Charts tracings have become the benchmark in chart correcting and a brand to be trusted. We produce thousands of Admiralty, US and other hydrographic office tracings and Notice to Mariners (NTMs) update packs weekly and distribute worldwide.

Cost effective distribution worldwide of updates, Notice to Mariners, tracings, lists of lights and radio signals is setup through one or more of our services such as our Outfit Management Service, ChartCo data delivery, chart maintenance and loose leaf service at weekly or intervals that suit the requirements of each vessel. Tracings are delivered directly to the ships or consolidated to offices or ship agents for onward shipment.

Our digital products and data delivery services enable us to offer the marine navigation user and fleet operators electronic distribution options through ChartCo data delivery service via satellite broadcast, internet or email direct to the ship at sea or in port and also as eBooks, CDs and DVDs.

KH Charts is quality and service focused and has Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004 accreditations.