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KH Charts are proud to be a key distributor of Regs4Ships® products, offering digital equivalence of paper publications for Flag State and IMO regulations. Available on a CD-ROM/DVD and download form the web. The Regs4Ships® service is efficient and effective way of ensuring that a vessel is carrying fully updated regulations. Regulations with Regs4Ships® are continually updated and supplied under an annual subscription.

A website subscription service Regs4Ships® offers up to date regulations and ancillary information that is quick and easy to access. Flag state and IMO regulations are presented in digital format and are equivalent to the paper publications.

This is a unique service to the Mariner that saves time and space on board ship and in the office, the Regs4Ships® service provides:

  • All publications as required by Flag State
  • A fully searchable database with cross references to other relevant documents
  • Fully recognised by the Antigua & Barbuda, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Cyprus, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Hong Kong, Liberia, Malta, Marshall Islands, Panama, Singapore, UK and US Flag State authorities.
  • Regular email updates advising of new content
  • Bi-monthly CD for ship board use
  • Information constantly updated.
  • Information is provided in three levels of service
  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Professional


  • All current Merchant Shipping Legislation as well as IMO publications such as SOLAS, MARPOL & STCW
  • Acts, Regulations, Codes of Practice, Shipping Notices SOLAS, MARPOL & STCW
  • Fast linking between all related documents - Regulations/ Shipping Notices / SOLAS, MARPOL & STCW
  • Instant world wide access via internet or CD
  • Fast, accurate, complete and searchable
  • Subscribers receive email notification of changes in legislation & key dates
  • Access to relevant areas via tool bar menus in the programme and on the website
  • All primary acts and laws fully amended and kept up to date and all amendments are colour coded.
  • Regulations - includes every regulation in force, all fully amended up to date and kept up to date
  • Comprehensive subject indexes
  • Each document is shown with its amendment history and any referenced associated documents
  • All documents are accessed directly from indexes, by keyword index or from the search engine