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KH Charts is a distributor of official Electronic Navigational Charts (ENCs) from PRIMAR and IC-ENC that can be loaded onto an Electronic Chart Display Information System (ECDIS), simply and efficiently.

Official ENC cells produced by these Regional ENC Co-ordination Centres (RENCs) provide comprehensive worldwide coverage allowing for safe navigation covering major seaway routes, approaches, coasts, ports and harbours.

  • Official data from the RENCs - PRIMAR and IC-ENC
  • Comprehensive global coverage
  • Fully compliant with SOLAS regulations
  • Simple, reliable and secure distribution
  • Tailored updating services
  • Flexible license subscriptions
  • First class customer and technical support


Fully compatible and interactive with all other ChartCo services including PassageManager™, ChartCo's flagship software that allows vessels to plan voyages and purchase and manage their paper and electronic charts holdings simply, safely and effectively.

With ENCs and PassageManager™, we provide the ideal solution for the transition from paper to electronic charts, and can deliver value-added information including port data, piracy information and weather services.

  • Same-day Quotations
  • Automated Permit Renewals
  • Vessel Coverage review
  • Basket File Management
  • Efficient ENC Update Management
  • Technical Support

KH Charts can provide a range of update options, allowing cost effective and seamless ENC management and ensuring that they are kept fully up-to-date, which is critical in enhancing the safety of the vessel.