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KH Charts Outfit Management Service (OMS) offers the best solution for chart folio management – let us do it for you!

The Outfit Management Service is a flexible and effortless service pioneered by KH Charts to keep your vessels legal and up to date. It is now the benchmark service for the professional mariner, keeping the burden and risk of keeping your vessel up to date and compliant with IMO SOLAS chart and carriage requirements and international regulations.


Assists in ISM compliance procedures

Each ship receives a certificate to show that supply and maintenance for navigational and technical/legal information is monitored on the ships behalf, and supplied according to contract.

Reduction in office/ship workload

To maintain compliance the vessel and or operator will be burdened with monitoring amendments, updates and new editions from several publishers continuously. Let us do it for you!

We will manage your requirements, ensure availability and keep you up to date with IMO SOLAS chart and carriage requirements in an efficient, cost effective way for your ship, and fleet needs.

We reduce your on board workload.

Peace of mind

With KH Charts monitoring all the necessary items on your behalf you and your Captains are able to focus on the business of running the ship.

Flexible to your company’s needs

From full management of worldwide charts and publications, to limited areas or limited books, we can tailor the most cost effective option for your preferred way of operation.

Multiple delivery options

  • You select whether we deliver to a central office or directly to each ship
  • You select the frequency of supply
  • We offer a variety of freight packages including
    • Courier
    • Airfreight
    • Road freight
    • Local delivery