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21MC Captain's Command Internal Communication System

Providing two way communication with up to 10 or 20 other  intercommunication stations. PTT Operation mode. Each station is acting like master station. 

Buffed Calling System

Personel calling systems. Warning visiual and audial at master station activating by clients  calling button.

Helicopter and Diver Warning System

Alarm System enables diver in water and diving process on going warning to bridge and/or to Engine Control room (ECR)

Man Over Board

When Man Over Board Alarm System activated, visial and audial warning send to Bridge and ECR.

Custom made interface and interconnection boxes .

We are providing tailor made solutions for specific need and projects. Varios of connection boxes produced and delivered. Pls. ask for details and what we can do for you.

Hospital and Refrigerator Alarm System

Alarm System that enables a person trapped in in refrigerator or lying in a hospital bed to call for help from the bridge and/or galley.