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KH Charts now offers a specialist service in the supply and management of on-board medical products for the shipping industry, ensuring that vessel medical inventories are up-to-date, complete and meets all regulatory requirements. From medicines and medical supplies to emergency and rescue equipment, KH Charts can supply and manage your entire fleet requirements.

  • Full management of the initial supply of medical products to New Build and existing vessels.
  • Services include inventory creation, certification and replenishment management.
  • Fully compliant with Flag State and World Health Organisation (WHO) legislation.
  • Network of local suppliers to ensure timely delivery to all major ports.
  • Fully labelled products in English and Flag State languages including product description and expiry.
  • Automatic re-supply of medicines before they expire.
  • Assists ISM compliance - the inventory management service fulfils the requirement for ships to have a documented method of maintaining their medical inventory.
  • Peace of mind - ship managers know they are always up to date so they don't have to worry about Port or Flag State inspections.