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Otesat-Maritel provides to the maritime industry integrated telecommunication solutions of high quality that fully meet the specific needs of its customers for B2B or crew usage, regardless of the sector they operate: merchant shipping, coastal merchant, cruise, fishery, small vessels and leisure boats.

The Company provides to the shipping companies and their crew voice services (Voice, VoIP), data exchange services (e-mail), services based on IP technology (internet services) and Satellite or IP TV.

Additionally to the telecommunications services, Otesat-Maritel provides also Radio Survey Services, terminal equipment for Inmarsat, Iridium and VSAT systems and electronic navigational equipment (installation, configuration, and technical support), Accounting Authority services (A/A GR01 and GR12) and terminal activation services of Inmarsat (PSA) and Iridium.

The Company provides a series of Web administration tools for the control and management of the telecommunications traffic and services.

Otesat-Maritel provides its services to the customers with full technical and commercial support on a 24 hour basis (Customer Care 24/7).