Loose Leaf

Why spend more time correcting than necessary?

Use this easy solution – an original service to KH Charts customers. Corrected Loose Leaf Replacement Service to Admiralty List of Lights and Radio Signals to assist the seafarer and remove the arduous task of cutting and pasting corrections from the weekly Notice to Mariners, KH Charts have introduced a page replacement system that will dramatically reduce the time taken to update Lights and Radio Signals.

How does it work?

To accommodate the service, the List of Lights and Radio Signal publications are supplied in loose leaf format in a ring binder. Thereafter, KH Charts does the cutting and pasting for you and presents you with a weekly update pack, containing corrected replacements for all pages affected by the Notice to Mariners within the week. Once received, simply replace the original pages in the ring binder with the corrected copy.


  • Efficient and accurate correcting method
  • Up to 90% time saving in chart correction and updating processes
  • Keeps the publications corrected up to date


An index showing all cumulative pages is included in each update pack. Cross referencing with the contents of the ring binder ensures that all relevant replacement pages have been received.

Quality Assurance

All corrections and replacement pages are proofread and double checked for possible errors before compilation and despatch.