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There is a wide range of digital format marine navigation publications and KH Charts offers the largest selection of different digital products. Digital formats of maritime publications provide the mariner with many additional benefits to their paper based equivalent including easy and cost effective licensing, installation and updates which can be downloaded online, quick and easy interrogation of the data, for example as light structures contained in the list of lights and many other modes of functionality.

Digital navigation data products provide the ships bridge and planning room with an easy to use and modern application, which saves considerable time and improves the accuracy of navigation. Digital products are now accepted by many flag states and this trend is growing.

  • Regs4Ships® – searchable digital equivalence of paper publications for flag state and IMO regulations
  • ADLL – provides light and fog signal information for more than 70,000 unique light structures worldwide
  • ADRS – provides maritime radio communications information for pilot services, vessel traffic services and port operations worldwide
  • ADTT – Admiralty TotalTide tidal prediction software
  • eBooks Regulations – up-to date regulatory, operational and technical publications and notices available as a single purchase, subscription not necessary
  • Digital Regulations – CD and DVD format of Maritime Training Films

From basic features such as being able to search simple reference terms to complex tidal routing tools, KH Charts’ range of digital products are now considered invaluable tools that every navigator needs to have.