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Consultancy is available to the end users as a tool for creating a personalized mission specific communication system, from service selection, system design, to upgrade paths and considerations. We can generate tailor made packages for the discerning customer. There are several levels of services available for consideration, which we provide complete flexibility.

Since 2003, Satcom1 has designed satcom networks for all narrow and wide body aircraft with a wide range of technical challenges. We strive to complete with 100% success and we believe our engineering background matches exactly the trust our customers today put in our capabilities.

Consultancy Services

  • Top-level consultancy design – your full preparation for the next C-check SATCOM upgrade. Onboard network design, system recommendations and resources.
  • Expert Second Opinion Review – our experts can value your existing proposal.
  • Pin Level Full Delivery with 2 engineering reviews.
  • Testing of your equipment in Satcom1 Lab at Paris Le Bourget Business Airport.
  • On-Site Engineering Support and Training.
  • Customized AvioIP software development – We can develop special features of AvioIP dictated by your needs.
  • Free use of our VIP lounge at Le Bourget Business Airport