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 SAILOR 5051 AIS-SART Product Sheet.pdf

SAILOR 5051 AIS-SART Product Sheet

The SAILOR 5051 AIS-SART is an enhanced manual deployment survivor location device intended for use on life-rafts or survival crafts.


 SAILOR 6000 Consoles Product Sheet.pdf

By integrating state-of-the-art VHF/HF and Inmarsat mini-C technology, SAILOR 6000 Series GMDSS consoles meet international safety regulations whilst being a vital tool for operational communication.

The flexible, technically advanced SAILOR 6000 GMDSS consoles provide operational communication whilst enhancing safety under GMDSS regulations.


Simply select the configuration to suit the A2, A3 or A4 sea area in which you sail and your consoles will be delivered with the correct combination of GMDSS approved VHF/HF, Inmarsat mini-C and accessories. SAILOR 6000 consoles are a complete communications solution that use state-of-the-art technology, including advanced networking that simplifies and reduces costs for maintenance and mandatory surveys. They feature a unique touchscreen message terminal, which allows access to all components via a user-friendly multimedia display - simply point-and-go to talk or send alerts and messages.


Thanks to innovation and reliability, SAILOR GMDSS consoles are the de facto industry standard so you can be confident that SAILOR 6000 consoles will meet your GMDSS needs.


 SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D Product Sheet.pdf


The feature rich, rugged and waterproof SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D is the result of decades of experience as a professional maritime VHF pioneer.


 SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC Class A Product Sheet.pdf


In addition to complying with newest ITU493-13 GMDSS requirements, SAILOR 6222 VHF DSC Class A is one of the most advanced, high quality and powerful VHF radios available.


 SAILOR 6248 VHF Product Sheet.pdf


Non-class SAILOR 6248 VHF is part of the new SAILOR 6000 Series, ensuring high-quality build and rich functionality for excellent operational communications performance.


 SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft Product Sheet.pdf

SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft

Designed specifically for installation aboard survival craft, SAILOR 6249 VHF Survival Craft is the toughest SAILOR VHF yet.

 SAILOR 628X AIS Product Sheet.pdf

SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System (Class A)

The new SAILOR 6280/6281 AIS System (Class A) is built on the fundamental qualities that have made SAILOR a well and respected name in maritime communication.


 SAILOR 6391 Navtex System Product Sheet.pdf

SAILOR 6391 Navtex System

SAILOR 6391 Navtex System sets new standards in functionality and flexibility for SOLAS mandated Navtex receivers.

Choosing the SAILOR 6391 Navtex Systems gives you:

  1. 100% network integration - flexible installation options
  2. Multifunction user friendly touch screen interface - works with different devices
  3. East and cost-effective servicing and software updates
  4. SOLAS compliance for Navtex messages - part of the SAILOR 6000 GMDSS Series
  5. Future-proof - ready for bridge and communication system integration



 SAILOR SART II Product Sheet.pdf

SAILOR SART II Transceiver

SAILOR SART II is a 9 GHz X-band Radar transceiver designed for assisting rescue operations in accordance with IMO, GMDSS requirements.


 SAILOR SE-II and SGE-II EPIRB Product Sheet.pdf

SAILOR SE-II and SGE-II EPIRB Distress Beacons

SAILOR SE-II and SGE-II Satellite EPIRBs are satellite distress beacons designed to operate in conjunction with the Cospas-Sarsat international satellite search and rescue system and GMDSS.

 SAILOR SP3500 Portable Series Product Sheet.pdf





  • SAILOR SP3510 Portable VHF
  • SAILOR SP3520 Portable VHF GMDSS
  • SAILOR SP3530 Portable VHF ATEX
  • SAILOR SP3550 Portable UHF
  • SAILOR SP3560 Portable UHF ATEX


Maritime Portable Radios

SAILOR VHF and UHF maritime portable radios enable essential, highly reliable handheld communication on-board during operations at sea, whatever the weather.

The SAILOR maritime portable radios range features seven tough handhelds designed to make operations safer and more efficient by ensuring clear communication from anywhere, and in any conditions. Their rugged design, with large, clear waterproof screen, ribbed grip and supreme audio quality makes them reliable and easy to use even with gloves and under pressure during critical operations and emergencies.

There are models for every purpose including standard portable VHF and UHF to GMDSS and 'Wheelmark,' ATEX and FCC approved portables. Some feature the pioneering SAILOR Replay function, which records the latest incoming messages for playback to ensure you catch, understand and can respond to essential instructions when you need to tackle them.




Multi purpose VHF/AM Transceiver

TR-810 is designed to meet future demands for a lightweight, rugged and flexible radio, specially designed for vehicle and desk-top applications. The flexible design is achieved by making the Operators Control Panel (OCP) detachable from the compact base unit. Communication between the two units is via standard CAT-5 cable. By being able to separate the OCP from the base unit, it opens up for several user applications.



The new 406 Emergency Position Indication Radio Beacon(EPIRB), Tron 60S/GPS, is the latest contribution to Jotron`s already comprehensive product range. Tron 60S/GPS small and compact handheld size will be a perfect supplement to meet the growing demand for smaller size EPIRB`s, both in Float-Free and as Manual versions



Jotron have since 2004 produced Automatic Identification System (AIS). AIS is a broadcast communication system operating in the VHF maritime band, capable of sending ship information to other ships and to shore.



The Tron AIS-SART is now "Wheel Marked” in accordance with European Council Directive 96/98/EC with latest Commission Directive 2011/75/EU (7th amendment).

Radar SART and the AIS-SART can now both be used as “Search and rescue locating devices” according to IMO SOLAS Amendment in Resolution MSC.256(84) giving the ship owner full freedom to choose either product as required by SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 2.2.




- Designed for use in search and rescue operations
- Gives the exact location of the distressed on the radar X-band display
- 5 years warranty 
- New non-haz battery 
- Unique range of accessories 
- Incorporated into Jotron recycle program

Radar SART and the AIS-SART can now both be used as "Search and rescue locating devices" according to IMO SOLAS Amendment in Resolution MSC.256(84) giving the ship owner full freedom to choose either product as required by SOLAS Chapter III, Regulation 2.2


JOTRON Tron TR30 GMDSS Handheld VHF radio

Multi-functional floating GMDSS VHF handheld radio - to be on the market at the turn of the year!

The Tron TR30 is the only GMDSS approved handheld radio in production that floats without a buoyancy cover.

Tron TR30 GMDSS handheld VHF radio meets all the requirements of the IMO for carriage on SOLAS vessels. Tron TR30 has the ultimate functional design. Every detail has been developed based on user functionality, both in an emergency situation and in general on board communications.

The Tron TR30 GMDSS radio switches automatically between standard simplex and duplex maritime channels and 21 emergency simplex channels depending on which battery, rechargeable or sealed lithium, is connected.