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KH Charts have a service solution for every aspect of marine charts use, management, maintenance and compliance. Marine charts are continuously being updated sometimes with just a few additional annotations for each chart required for a route. With this in mind, it is often easier and more cost effective to make a chart correction on each base chart affected. The burden on the mariner however is high especially when it comes to a vessel carrying many charts covering multiple routes. KH Charts has a complete tracings service that addresses this very issue and removes the burden from the mariner and ensures up to date folios of charts.


  • Efficient and accurate correcting method
  • Up to 90% time saving in chart correction processes
  • Keeps charts up to date

KH Charts was the first to commercialise the production of tracings in early 1971 and have become the benchmark in chart correcting and a brand to be trusted. We produce approximately 10,000 tracings per year along with notice to mariners updates that we distribute across the world covering Admiralty, US charts and other official charts from national hydrographic offices.

Chart correction tracings are distributed cost effectively either weekly or at other intervals according to your needs. Tracings are delivered directly to the ships or consolidated to offices or ship agents for onward shipment. e-Distribution Options for tracings and notice to mariners are also available delivering your up to date navigation information electronically, through ChartCo data delivery service via satellite broadcast, internet or email direct to ships at sea.

KH Charts is quality and service focused and has Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and Environmental Management Standard ISO 14001:2004 accreditations. The tracings team operates under strict quality controls to compile masters and produce tracings packs all of which are printed in the UK.