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The World's Most Popular Method of Delivering Critical Data to Your Fleet

ChartCo provides a unique range of services designed to enhance safe and efficient navigation at sea and save both time and money. All services can be delivered via satellite broadcast, the web or email and supported 24/7.


The ChartCo system is provided with its own data management software suite oceanMaster™.

Turnkey Services

Full project management for single ship or fleet installation is offered as standard. ChartCo can also provide fully configured PCs at the time of installation.

Delivery Methods

ChartCo Broadcast - For the ChartCo Broadcast services the ship’s existing Inmarsat B or F terminal is used with a ChartCo Decoder. All communication costs are included in the subscription fee.

ChartCo Select - ChartCo Select allows all services to be made available over the internet or via email. It is ideal for the ship that already has a communication system such as VSAT or Fleet Broadband, or simply requires small amounts of data.

Management Suite

  • oceanMaster™
  • PassageManager™
  • WebManager™

Subscription Services

  • oceanXpress™
  • ChartManager™
  • MetManager™
  • RegsManager
  • AVManager
  • ChartCo News
  • Port Data
  • Piracy Data

Data Delivery

  • Satellite Broadcast
  • Email or Internet