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Airtime Services & Billing Solutions

Satcom1 has been developing innovative solutions for “office in the sky” services since 2003 based on extensive first-hand experience in satellite communications and aeronautical field support.

Our main objective is to provide complete Satcom services from system selection and design to airtime service activation, detailed billing and everything in between. This includes design of Satcom network, configuration and validation of the network in partnership with core installation centres, ongoing support, troubleshooting and the development of specialized software.

Today, Satcom1 provides a complete airtime solution for cabin and cockpit, including software and consultancy to any size VVIP, Head-of State, Business and Military Aircraft. Satcom1 provides support in 11 languages.


Cabin Services

  • High speed maximum bandwidth Internet
  • Ability to send and receive Emails
  • Watch IPTV
  • Video Conferencing
  • Use your own smartphone with AvioPhone


Cockpit Services – GDC

  • Datalink
  • Flight Planning
  • Flight Sentinel
  • Weather
  • ITS
  • Pilot Services


Cost Control Solutions

  • Cabin Billing
  • Airtime Monitor
  • Customer Web Portal