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Kelvin Hughes is a full system supplier of navigation and situational awareness I-band and E/F band radar systems. We provide a full suite of solutions ranging from radar transceiver only through to an integrated bridge system incorporating all of our high end technologies. The British Royal Navy standard KH1007 non-coherent radar system is still in service and demanded worldwide by many navies, however in 2008 Kelvin Hughes increased situational awareness capabilities by the introduction of SharpEye™ E/F band which is also type approved as required by the International Maritime Organization (IMO). Also available in I-band, fully coherent solid state SharpEye™ radar transceivers have effectively replaced non-coherent magnetron systems.

Today a naval capital ship requires a host of capabilities from its navigation radars, sometimes requiring the once traditional navigation radar to perform specific dedicated tasks such as helicopter and/or UAV control and landing on deck. Kelvin Hughes has the full suite of equipment, software and engineers to provide the required solution.

SharpEye™ delivers an improvement in sub-clutter visibility by approximately 30dB, enabling targets with small radar cross sections (RCS) (typically 0.5m2) to be detected even in the presence of heavy sea and rain clutter. SharpEye™ provides superior situational awareness through increased probability of detection of small asymmetric targets.