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The VSP system is independent of the vessel's power supply and fulfils the demands for emergency communication between vital positions on board. The system has a versatile range of light but robust and corrosion-resistant stations for all on-board environments. The various VSP stations can be delivered for panel, desktop or bulkhead mounting.


  • ƒ 12-Way system consisting of up to 12 main stations with selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations
  • ƒ 20-Way (M) system consisting of up to 20 main stations with selector switch for selective calling between all connected stations
  • ƒ Intrinsically safe VSP set for units in hazardous areas Note! For 12-Way only


  • ƒ Provides emergency communication independent of the vessel's power supply
  • ƒ Excellent speech quality
  • ƒ Model with noise compensated microphones
  • ƒ Model built-in or separate relay for operation of signal units
  • ƒ Supports headset directly connected to stations or via plug box
  • ƒ Supports a wide range of stations for ship environment


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The VINGTOR Talk-Back system is a command communication system based on one operator unit/panel, and a wide range of substations. The system is typically used to coordinate activities in a work group – when it is important that the members in the group can hear all conversations.




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The VINGTOR Exigo system is specially designed to meet the demands of public address and general alarm systems. The system is scalable and offers a set of standard and optional features making it ideal for all kinds of ships and offshore installations.




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The VINGTOR ACM system unites and enhances a vessel's safety systems by providing outstand-ing on-board communication. The VINGTOR ACM solutions have three main system variants. These are:

  • VINGTOR ACM Analog Telephone System
  • VINGTOR ACM Integrated Communication System ƒ
  • VINGTOR ACM Advanced Communication System

The VINGTOR ACM systems provide reliable, robust and proven communication solutions. The ACM systems have continuously been developed and enhanced to take advantage of new technologies such as IP Networking. The different ACM systems are built around the STENTOFON AlphaCom XE intercom exchange. The AlphaCom exchange is an avanced communication switch designed to meet the growing needs of internal and external communication onboard ships. The exchange features advanced functions such as 1-BIT audio technology (20 kHz audio), IP switching, Web services, and a wide set of integration options.

AlphaCom XE is a modular platform, supporting IP as well as analog telephones and networking. This modular-ity and flexibility results in a product offering of various system packages. These system packages satisfy the requirements of all types of vessels from small conventional vessels to large advanced ships. (See table for list of capabilities for the different ACM systems



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Marine Master Clock is the ideal solution for distribution of both Local and UTC time on board ships.

Several outputs and inputs available

The Master Clock is equipped with several outputs and inputs for control of Slave Clocks as well as distribution of time to computers and other equipment needing correct time. The four Slave Clock outputs can be individually programmed for different types of clocks. External radio receivers / time synchronisation sources can be connected when higher accuracy is needed.

For control and regulation of various energy consumers such as electrical striking plates, buzzers for pause signalling etc, the Master Clock has a built in yearly programmer with two relay outputs.

The Master Clock is equipped with 10 buttons and a 2 x 16 character LCD. To facilitate the change of time zone two of the buttons are dedicated for this purpose. A light dimmer makes it possible to adjust the background illumination to the surrounding light level.


  • Accuracy +/- 0.1 sec./24 hours
  • Wide range of different slave clocks (digital, 65, Ex-proof, etc.)
  • Easy cabling and calibration
  • Accessories and options like radio- or satellite
  • Signal receivers, RS232C/RS485 interface
  • Alarm outputs, etc.
  • Automatic summer- winter time change-over



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By fully integrating with CCTV systems, VINGTOR provides complete video and audio surveillance on every part of the ship as required. CCTV cameras at a specific points can be automatically triggered to provide both audio and video communication between caller and operator.




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