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AVIATOR 700D Communication Solution

AVIATOR 700D is a feature rich SwiftBroadband and Classic Aero Service solution that can be tailored to suit any airframe, mission

profile and budget, making it the ultimate communications solution for the cabin and the cockpit.


Multi-channel solution which integrates both Inmarsat Aero-H+ and Swift 64 services

Our legacy Aero-HSD+ is a multi-channel solution which integrates both Inmarsat Aero-H+ and Swift 64 services providing a wide range of in-flight communications applications including CNS/ATM compliance.

Aero-HSD+ incorporates three Aero-H+ channels: two channels for global voice, fax and PC modem data and one channel for cockpit data.  In addition, the system supports a single Swift 64 channel for data transmission.  A second Swift 64 channel can be added by installing an HSU component to the system.

Supporting MPDS and ISDN, Aero-HSD+ enables users to pay for the amount of data transmitted or pay per minute to suit individual requirements. So whether browsing and calling or transferring larger files users can choose the most convenient and cost effective way of transmitting data to support each application.

For the ultimate cockpit and cabin communications solution, existing customers of Aero-HSD+ can easily and cost-effectively upgrade to AVIATOR 700D. Offering the next generation in airborne communication capability, AVIATOR 700D supports countless airborne voice and data communications applications using Inmarsat's latest SwiftBroadband services in combination with the Classic Aero Services included with Aero-HSD+